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Contract Therapist Software (in a partnership with TherapySync) has the software you are looking for down to a science! Our software was built by therapists, for therapists - so our problems are your problems. We are not like every other software company out there trying to make a quick buck off an industry that we are not even involved in. We have been in the same business as you have for over 8 years now, so we have seen it all and built software to solve the problems you are running into every day. Below you will find some major issues that our software solves instantly!

Bid Farewell To Your Fax Machine.

That poor machine has definitely been worth it's weight in gold over the years, but you can turn it off and sell it on eBay or Craigslist - because you will no longer need it! Our system allows nursing companies to send referrals over via your very own online system. Not only that, but you will never have to fax another piece of documentation - your nursing agencies can log onto the system and print any note they need or download them as PDF(s). It is that easy!

Built In Scheduling & Documentation.

Hate having 10 sets of paperwork in your backseat and rummaging through them each time you visit a patient? Throw them out, our Medicare proven paperwork will replace all of them immediately. With scheduling built into the system your therapists not only can keep up with their case-load, but nursing agencies and your managers can have a window into the therapist's case load as well. Spend more time finding the info you need and drumming up business - instead of talking on the phone.

Don't Pull Your Hair Out Over Billing/Payroll.

We know. We have done it. Stacks of paper, lost notes, calling therapists... costly mistakes. We used to spend our weekends doing payroll & billing too - that is why we built a system to do it for us. No longer will you need to set aside days to do payroll & billing, you can do it in a couple of hours (depending on size of your company). It is easy, real-time and accurate. Cut your error rate, while saving yourself time & effort at the same time.

And The List Goes On & On...

We could list 30 different reasons why our software will help your business, but we believe just by the few above you are already chomping at the bit to get things going. Go ahead and check out Services and then schedule a demo of our product. If you have seen enough - contact us and let's get this thing going!

contract therapist software will revolutionize the way you do business.

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